WA Museum Boola Bardip

The Boola Bardip Museum is a pillar of Western’s Australia cultural and artistic heritage preservation. It was established in 1969 under the museum act.
The original museum was built in the Old Perth Gaol in 1891 and consisted mainly of geological findings. Biological and ethnological exhibits were added throughout the late 90s of the 18th centuries.

However, it wasn’t until 1897, with the latest additions to the collection, that the museum adopted its current name. The museum expanded exponentially throughout the mid-19th century, adding natural sciences and anthropology. Then, slowly, it began its endeavour into shipwrecks and Aboriginal artefacts.

The museum also houses an extensive research program with in-house museum scientists who specialize in zoology, planetary sciences, history, and anthropology. The research centre also has its academic publications and journals. Between 1910 and 2012, over 800 articles were published.