Swan Valley

Located between Guilford and Bells Rapids, Swan Valley is a region in Western Australia. The region’s heritage can be traced back 40.000 years. The land whose original proprietorship belonged to the Noongar Aboriginal people of the Wadjuk tribe before the colonial invasion began.

Two main rivers cross through the region: The Ellenbrook and the Jane Brook, which discharge into the Swan River. The region’s main river. Despite most Aboriginal traditions and legends being wiped throughout the early years of British colonialism, it is still believed that the valley was created by a snake called Wagyl that lives under the Swan River.

The area was mapped out and explored by Captain James Stirling. Whom, after exploration, wrote in his diaries, “the view of the blue mountains from which we were not too far distant, made this scenery as beautiful as anything I have ever witnessed” He later became the governor.