Perth Zoo

Opened to the public in 1898 by Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Gerard Smith, the zoo, over its 100 years of history, has housed over 164 species. Similarly to other zoo’s across the southern hemisphere, the zoo’s initial purpose was to create an acclimatization zone for animals arriving on the Oceanic continent. The first exhibits included bears, monkeys, and Guinea Pigs. The zoo’s first director, Ernest La Souef, not only collected animals but also worked to create a botanical collection.

The Canary Islands palm collection is still alive, dating back over 110 years. Few know that to this date, the zoo aims to be as self-sufficient as possible, continuing La Souef’s tradition of growing crops and vegetables to feed the animals. The zoo is divided into three main zones – the Australian walk, the Asian Rainforest and the African Savannah. The zoo also has smaller exhibits, including South American birds and tortoises from Galapagos.