Fremantle Markets

Housing over 150 shops, most of which are independent, Fremantle market is the oldest active public Market in Western Australia. It hosts an array of small businesses, fresh food producers, and food retailers in the food section ‘The Yard’.

The first stone was laid in 1897. The construction of the Market was partially terminated in 1898, whilst the remaining part of the Market was completed in 1902. Designed by architects Joseph Herbert Eales and Charles Oldman, The Market is designed in a Federation Romanesque style. The architectural style characterizes many buildings in Australia built between 1890 and 1915. Its interiors are made from roughly washed limestone. Jarrah columns support a high iron roof that gifts space and light.

The Market mainly worked on a wholesale food basis until the 1950s, when the Perth Market Association took over and revamped both the purpose and the aesthetics of the Market.