Bibbulmun Track

Located in Kalamunda and running to Albany, the Bibbulman track is over 1000 kilometres long. The trail traced its history to 1972 when tracking groups in collaboration with the forests department suggested establishing it as a marked route.

The track opened gradually. The first section was opened in 1979; however, the remaining section was not completed until 1998. The track can only be done by walking or by bike. In 2013 the Munda Biddi Trail was inaugurated, making the entirety of the way parallelly cyclable.

Most visitors tend to do small parts of the tracks. The best season to do so is in wildflower season in spring. The Northern Terminus is the most popular of sections as it provides the most facilities and beautiful scenery. The northern section from Kalamunda to Dwellingup passes through the Jarrah Forrest, which offers visitors stunning scenery and eye-catching wildflowers.