The small township of Marrawah is famous in the surfing community for having one of the world’s best locations for big wave surfing. It is the most westerly town in Tasmania, with a scenic coastline and surrounded by a rich farming region. Green Point Beach, 2 km from the town, has been voted one of the three best surfing beaches in Australia and surfers can camp right at the local camping ground.

Marrawah Hotel has accommodation and meals. Marrawah is the site of the capture of the last wild Tasmanian Tiger. There is an important site of Aboriginal significance at Sundown Point, about 8 km south of the mouth of the Arthur River. There are complex engravings on 40 rock slabs. Mount Cameron West also has impressive aboriginal rock art.

Arthur River is 15 km south of Marrawah and is a beautiful spot for cruising the river, fishing and camping. Book your cruise on the M.V. George Robinson and enjoy a trip upstream and a walk in the rainforest as well. The area is also popular for four wheel drive exploration.

In spite of its name, the Dismal Swamp Nature Reserve is an absolute must for tourists visiting the area. It has a 100-seat capacity Visitor Centre with a cafe and a deck overlooking the treetops. There are four boardwalks on the swamp floor which you can reach by walking down or by gentle buggy ride. Learn about the eco-system and see the work of Tasmanian artists.


Marrawah is in far north west Tasmania, 69 km from Stanley.


Visit Marrawah for the great surfing, fishing, beach walks, rainforest walks, river cruises, aboriginal rock art and Dismal Swamp.