Leanyer Recreation Park

Do you want to have fun in a waterpark in the scorching heat of Darwin? If so, you must visit the Leanyer Recreation Park. This is an exceptional park with a pool featuring a water playground, a cycling bath, a BBQ picnic area, a skate park, and many more. No doubt it is a really fun place to spend a good day with your family. The Leanyer Recreation Park consists of dry and wet recreational areas with different features and options for a good time.

The wet area has massive water slides and swimming areas to dive right into. The dry part consists of a playground, a basketball court, a shaded place for BBQ, a cafeteria, and many more. This recreation park has everything you might want to have a great vacation day in the hot Darwin weather. What if we tell you that free entry to this exceptional recreation park? You have to head it; you don’t have to pay a single penny to get into this incredible recreation park. So, it is time to have some fun while you are in Darwin.