George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

Are you not a fan of artificial tourist attractions and more of a nature fan? In this case, George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens must be in your to-do list. These gardens are situated two kilometers from north Darwin and cover 42 hectares. This sumptuous garden features a spectacular plant display from northern Australia and other tropical areas worldwide. From estuaries to marine plants, every type grows in these gardens naturally.

There are extensive plantings of various species in the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens. It has everything from colorful heliconias, tropical orchids, gingers, and bromeliads to other exotic plants. The major highlights of these botanic gardens are palms, the collection of baobabs, an orchid garden, and a miniature rainforest with a waterfall. These gardens also feature an amphitheater where you can enjoy some live performances. So, if you are a nature –lover, you should never miss out on the George Brown Darwin botanic gardens on your visit to Darwin.