Crocodylus Park

Do you love wildlife? If yes, then you must visit Crocodylus Park, located fifteen minutes from the Darwin CBD. This wildlife park features a variety of crocodiles, from the cute little ones to the creepy big ones. The park specializes in conserving saltwater and freshwater crocodiles and serves as a good museum of crocodiles. Even though crocodiles are the most highlighted wildlife of the region, the park also has monkeys, birds, big cats, snakes, and turtles.

You can also feed the largest reptiles in the world in this park during the daily feeding tours. These feeding tours end with you taking a picture with a cute baby crocodile. This is one of the best wildlife zoos in the region with its variety of animals and a wide variety of crocodiles, from hatchlings to big ones. Thus being a wildlife fan, you must never skip your visit to Crocodylus Park on your Darwin tour.