Casuarina Beach

Casuarina beach is a must-visit for all the beach-lovers. The crystal blue waters are surrounded by a stretch of the sandy white beach, providing an excellent environment for a beach vacation. It features every contemporary convenience you could dream of in idyllic coastal living. This salt beach is one of NSW’s best-kept secrets, a favorite spot of locals, and a great tourist attraction. The Casuarina beach is also referred to as the cotton beach by the locals due to the types of trees present on the coast.

The beach is home to various beachfront houses, resorts, and restaurants. Tourists come pouring into the beach and enjoy their vacations to the fullest, having the exceptional view, the ideal sunlight, and amazing food. The whole place is an epitome of a relaxed vibe, and there are various vacation homes you can stay in and have a great time enjoying at the beach. This spot is not to be missed out.