Justice and Police Museum

Australia is a unique place. First settled by British convicts, sent away to this far-off continent, Australia’s present has been partly shaped by law enforcement and all things pertaining to it.  Deportation of convicts, gold rush and better communications resulted in expanding trade, but also a rampant crime. Pub brawls, corrupt shenanigans, and organised crime made it clear that a new policing infrastructure was needed. It is like this that the edifice housing the museum sprang up. First a reception center for convicts, it has grown from one of the most feared institutions into one of Sydney’s best museums as Australia acquired a veneer of settled decorum. Now it is one of the best places to plunge into Sydney’s past and immerse into the somewhat gory world of bush rangers, sly grog and razor gangs. Exhibits include a crime scene reserve camera, an authentic dock, and a section specifically devoted to crime and notorious criminals. Head here to see what the first centuries of Sydney’s past were like and grasp how a really prosperous nation was born through challenges out of an environment infested with vice and crime.